by Nuaie

Balance, for the artist, is trying to exist in the middle of two extremes. It is the pairing of two opposites to create a balanced outcome.

The visual inspiration for this piece came from an ancient Greek pottery art style: red-figure pottery to portray the classic contrasting of colors, black and white, as well as the simplicity of the visual style to portray a deep meaning.

As for the visual meaning, the artist infused a lot of imagery of opposites that exist around community, family, and individual to link the theme of balance in one’s everyday struggle to survive. A significant portion of the imagery is also inspired by Quranic scriptures such as found in Quran 30:21-24.

Coincidently, the artist has been obsessed with the concept of balance for the past years. It is how he found his way back to practicing his religion.

Encouraged at the age of 5 by his parent, Razie, or Nuaie, has been practicing art ever since.

Being taught watercolor painting at the age of 13, by Dzulkifli Abdul Rahman @ Pok and Mastini Asap, the medium has been his preferred method of visual expression.

He likes to do portraits. However, he does not enjoy limiting his options. His contribution to this project is his first mural.