by Tracia Goh

As a young woman chasing after success, goals and dreams, the concept of courage speaks to the artist on a personal level.

The illustration depicts the courage necessary to rise up and keep going despite the surrounding cruelty, attacking the subject for being young and new, and above all for being just a girl. She should know her place. She’ll never make it.

One needs courage to defy such vitriol.

This work serves as an inspiration to those in similar situations: to not be afraid and ignore the criticism, to keep moving in the right direction.

The work also serves as a reality check for those on the other side of the situation. As some may be honestly unaware, perhaps they simply do not realise the result of their own words and actions towards another’s journey upward.

Tracia is a visual artist based in Sabah. She currently uses her skills full-time to promote Sabah internationally, whether it be through photography, graphic design or cinematography. On the side, personal photography and design projects keep her passion alive.