by Hwong Ka Ming

The justice system and overall notion of fairness in Malaysia is widely known for being very biased, and this causes many different people to struggle to live in society.

This design incorporates all sorts of people, as well as some animals, to show the need for true fairness. Regardless of race, religion, gender or status.

The butterflies represent hopeful new beginnings, as might exist in a truly fair world, where justice understands equality and equity. For all.

The work also features a spaceman, reaching out for a butterfly in space.

The artist wrestled with many draft designs, exploring different concepts, in hopes to find the one that conveyed it best. After much experimentation, she decided to trust her original instinct and to stick with her original concept.

Ka Ming started experimenting anime art at the young age of 8,usually drawing on paper and now beginning to venture into the digital world. She draws as a hobby and sometimes for business. Pillars of Sabah is a much bigger project than what she is normally used to, and her accomplishment has exceeded her expectations!