by Tresyah Join

Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

The hands represent people who need each other to be strong, especially amidst the many struggles in life. The roots represent these struggles, and the difficulty in finding peace and happiness. Whether physical, mental or emotional hardship, people need someone, or something, to motivate them, to inspire them, and to support them. To put their faith in.

The rope represents that which people put their faith in. For some this is God, or a divine entity, while for others it is their family, friends, or even money. Faith is a personal choice unperturbed by the beliefs of others.

The colourful background represents the ups and down in life, the days filled with both laughter and sorrow. And it is through faith, that we are able to bear the sorrow.

Born in Ranau, Tresyah is a part-time muralist. She received her Diploma in Fine Art from UiTM and is currently completing her BA in Art & Design (Fine Art), also at UiTM.

As a creative, Tresyah finds inspiration in reading, as well as in personal experiences. Tresyah loves to challenge herself, exploring and expanding her own style with every new work.