by Capt Mohd Ridhzuan Sapri

The pilot embodies the aviation industry as a whole. The pilots themselves, the cabin crew, the engineers, the ground staff, the ramp staff and every personnel related to aviation industry.

The aircrafts on the earth represent the grounded aircrafts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aircrafts soaring in the skies represent the “release” after the Heart forgives.

The Heart is the integral part in the sentience of living, enduring and forgiving. And although it is the most difficult of the three, this pilot’s Heart does forgive.

As the world keeps turning, with one new day leading to another, with forgiveness,  so too will one new leaf turn over to another, towards a brighter, hopeful future.

Capt Ridhzuan’s interest of the arts encompasses painting, sculpture and poetry.

His exposure to art was at the tender age of 2, whereby his mother would sculpt and make toys from wood with him. At the age of 15, he was awarded state winner for his batik piece which was then displayed at the Sabah State Archive.

He continues creating art pieces and poetry with his wife and two sons.

His inspiration for creative expression comes from all aspects of his life, be it when he is soaring through the skies or when he is striding on the ground, in a meticulous spectacle of sentience.