by Abigail Tsen

The foundation on which respect and trust is built — sound moral and ethical values that one consistently upholds, even when all eyes are turned.

The swirls around the pillar represent the whirlpool that one constantly finds oneself in, with the colour red symbolising the temptations one faces along life’s tumultuous journey, and the deep blue representing integrity.

In the centre, a girl, representing humankind, holding firmly to a bouquet of the gladiolus flower, an emblem of integrity.

More gladioli wrap around the base of the pillar reminding one to establish and to build upon deep-rooted moral values, such as integrity, that help to shape us and to navigate our life.

Included is a quote by C.S Lewis:

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

Abigail loves art because it provides her with an avenue to express herself, as well as being an escape from reality.

When she becomes immersed in her paintings, time is stretched out, allowing her to pay attention to the finer details of the painting, putting a pause to the modern fast-paced way of life.

She hopes that her artwork sparks an emotion in others, be it joy, sadness, anger, contentment, or even remorse.