by Sumi Spirit

In Chess, where each piece is governed by its own abilities and limitations, the key to winning is understanding the layout and the rules of the game. Only with this understanding, is it possible to make good judgement.

And often such eagle-eyed vision goes hand in hand with responsibility. The pilot is one example of profession charged with faultless discernment and foresight.

From the initial baby steps of a fantasy, represented by the origami paper airplane, to its ultimate realisation, represented by the airplane itself, forward planning is vital for a successful journey towards ones goals.

Also known by his artist name Sumi Spirit, Xiang is a freelance artist from Sandakan.

As a fine-art painter, he is often commissioned for his semi-realistic watercolour portrait work, and he recently has ventured into painting murals.

Xiang’s passion for art, however, extends beyond the prospect of payment. Having taught himself at a young age how to paint, his love for painting was further encouraged in winning many an art competition at school. And after graduating, Xiang established his own watercolour workshop and art studio.

Xiang is very grateful to be able to have art in his life.