by kimnyuk

How do you perceive trust towards another person, a brand, or anything out of your control?

Trust is built over time with shown consistency.

Using the pillar structure to show the virtue as a metric of trust by two different colours fusing into each other from one end to another end, the colour orange represents the feeling of full distrust which is mostly placed at the top of the pillar while blue represents the feeling of full trust, mainly placed at the bottom of the pillar.

When gaining a feeling of trust, it is a feeling of security, that is grounded and of weight, whereas when you do not trust, it is a  feeling that is up in the air, floating. As you start to trust over time, it settles more into a secure feeling, hence transitioning into a differing colour.

Where and how much is your trust when you look at the colours flowing through one another? How long does it take for us go from distrust to fully trusting? Or will we ever trust fully?

Born and bred in Kota Kinabalu. This artist currently has a part-time job as an interior designer.

She started out drawing at a very young age by pausing cartoons or animes on VCR tapes and copying what she sees on TV, or tracing out images (cheat code!).

She only started taking art more seriously during her college years while she was pursuing her degree in Interior Design.

From then on, she ventured a little into lettering, inspired by Bible verses and quotes where she can meditate while drawing or writing it.

She also likes to draw cute little character designs of herself once in a while, or other things that pique her interest.