by Tabitha Wong

When the artist thinks of truthfulness, she thinks of glass. It may be sharp, but it offers clarity.

Glass enables light to pass through, giving nourishment to the plant. Being truthful can enhance inner growth.

Being truthful means no more masks. Everything is behind transparent glass. Exposed, and out in the open, truthfulness is active engagement in the truth, more than simply honesty upon request.

We can sometimes stray away from truthfulness, hence the broken edges. We are not perfect, but are working towards bettering ourselves every day.

Other than glass, clean and pure water can also symbolise truthfulness. And like truthfulness, it brings nourishment to the soul and life to the body.

The coloured blush signify the colour that truthfulness can bring to black and white situations.

The little crosses symbolise the added goodness of being truthful towards the inner growth of our minds, and body. They a signify the artist’s faith, which helps to keep her truthful.

Tabitha, an art hobbyist, has been fiddling with art ever since the age of 6. She has recently been exploring art digitally. Young and fresh to the public art scene, she aims to express herself and speak to people positive and meaningful messages through the windows of her artwork.