by Clara Chong

To find Wonder amidst this pandemic, and to learn how to appreciate The Little Things in our daily lives. There are so many little wonders in our lives to savour: to read a book, to pause and smell roses, to listen to that calming wind rustle, to indulge in the sound of waves breaking against sea rocks, to gaze upon the starry night, beautiful moon, appreciating all that is this wonderful world.

This pandemic has made us realise that we have not been living our lives to the fullest. The lockdown was implemented, and we each had our own experience of it. For many, it was a time of hardship and tough decisions, while for others it was a time of respite from the stresses of professional life. A time to live, to spend quality time with  family and the ones we love. Whether good or bad, it was definitely a time to ponder, to find the meaning of life, to see and to listen, to realise what we have. What we have in the here and now. And to learn to appreciate it.

The sprouting green leaves represent growth. With nature given a chance to heal during humanity’s big pause, our mind too has new perceptions and a different perspective toward life.

The sea and waves represent the wild, passionate and creative forces, and also opportunity these provide.

The rustling wind represents the vital breath of the universe, also the power of life in sustaining and holding everything together.

The bed of red roses represents the love that we find during these times of reawakened wonder. Learning to pay attention to loved ones, spending quality time with them and also appreciating the love they’ve given to us.

The balloons are symbolic of our goals, dreams, and aspirations. Balloons take flight in ways that we’d like to. But before all that, the balloons in themselves also elicit a simple, innocent, child-like joy.

While the moon and the stars above represent the wonders of this universe, let’s be reminded of the wonders in all things around us. Especially the little things.

Clara studied Graphic & Advertising Design at The One Academy, graduating in 2008, and has been working as a Graphic Designer ever since. She developed an interest in lettering and calligraphy while she was in college, then ventured further into it in 2015.

Having cultivated her passion and talent, she has established her humble art space on social media: LaraCreationsMY. Her works focus mainly on sharing the beautiful and therapeutical hand writings and letterings, as well as to promote public interest in the artform.