by A_TAS

The style of this work borrows from the logographic scripts, or hieroglyphics, of ancient Egypt. The hieroglyphs depicted here are intended to represent the different elements of the arts environment in Sabah.

The hieroglyphs crumble away in the middle section of the workwhere the artist’s unique personal style really shines throughrevealing a kind of black hole floating in an abyss.  From the incandescent event horizon, the radius is a red-pinkish hue depending on the light, culminating in a white singularity.

In this singularity, where all are collapsed as one, is a place of acceptance. Acceptance for all, and by all.

The work is best viewed in person, diagonally. 

Under the brand A_TAS, Jordan explores his potential for artistic expression, and in doing so, tells his story.

Always interested in building connections within the arts community, he often collaborates with other like-minded individuals.

Jordan is constantly in awe of the power of art and its ability to make the world a better place.