by Lih Han

This piece expresses the beauty of selflessness. It is configured with patterns of tectonic geometrical shapes to encapsulate the different stages of performing an altruistic actto give from caring for the welfare of others, at one’s own expense, resulting in a ‘warm glow’. Patterns are expressed in vibrant colours, symbolising the state and emotion from the selfless act.

Lih Han was born in Tawau, in 1998. From a young age Lih Han has developed his interest in art, architecture and design. In 2017, he pursued his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture at Taylor’s University. He lives and works now in Kuala Lumpur as an assistant architect and artist.

Lih Han has received the Jury’s Special Selection Prize of the Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Award 2013. He was also selected as one of the finalists in both the divisional and state level for the Karya Pilihan Tahunan Negeri Sabah ke-30, 2015 organised by Sabah Art Gallery. In 2019, his illustration Gerai Mak Cik was exhibited at Pasar Jalan Klang Lama as well as Stadium Chin Woo in Kuala Lumpur.