by Bernice Chua

Dreams get you started,
Discipline keeps you going;
and through discipline
comes freedom.

One of the common denominators to achieving success is disciplinebe it wanting to be physically fit, notable in your career, or simply finding pure joy and happiness in life.

In order to reach our goal, we need to show up, everyday. Even when the path is difficult and filled with challenges, we have to climb the ladder step by step to reach our own success.

Bernice is professionally trained as an architect, and has recently returned to her hometown Kota Kinabalu.

Throughout her university life and professional career, her design has always incorporated an element of ‘fun’ usually represented by circles, curves or vibrant colours to encourage users’ conversation and interaction.

Bernice represented the University of Adelaide in designing and building an installation for Festa Christchurch 2016 and has won multiple awards in design competitions.