by Nurul Alam Mohd Yaakub

To the artist, a computer system offers the best example of Duty-driven organisation.

This work, The Printer, embodies the systematic way of how an individual or group work together to carry out each own respective obligation.

Three colour inputs, Yellow (Diligence), Blue (Accountability) and Black (Drive/Power) are processed in a printer circuit board which assigns these inputs to produce a final image rendering of Sabah’s iconic buildings, and their respective authoritative bodies, which represents the socio-economic system as a whole.

Nurul runs her own IT business, and also works as part-time personal trainer.

Drawing is her form of appreciation for iconic buildings and monuments of the world, especially those designed with modernist and brutalist architecture.

She is most inspired by being connected to the organisation, structured, systematic, energetic, repetitiveness and eccentricity of modern city landscape, electronic music and technology.