by Kelso

Industry: Hard work, diligence, productiveness.

The more you love what you do, the harder you will work at producing a masterpiece.

Reaching your full potential is simply about investing your time and focus in the passionate pursuit of all that sets your soul on fire, so much so that it becomes your daily reality.

Loving what you do causes you to obsess over it and put in the extra time required to become exceptional at it. When your life’s work makes every fibre of your being come alive with passion and satisfaction, it feels less like work and more like play.

Kelso is a self-taught artist, who only started to doodle, sketch, and illustrate in 2016.

He first found the passion in a takeaway coffee cup. Since then he has spent a lot of time doing doodles and sketches on cups, as a way of exploring and developing design ideas. Each attempt, while not the best, would inspire another, giving himself a growing sense of achieving something awesome.

His passion, and in turn his obsession, has caused him to dedicate increasing amounts of time and effort towards the craft, leading him to where he is today.