by PB (Puteri Batrisyia)

This work depicts the journey of a girl by the name of Hana, which in Māori means to shine or to radiate. The Māori people are acknowledged and celebrated in the context of this work for their fierce voyaging spirit, as channeled by Hana in search of her Purpose.

As a child, she thought that life was beautiful, and that she could one day become anything she wanted. Every day is play time, full of happiness and fun.

When she was a teenager, she began to question herself. And without the answers, what was she supposed to do? She felt so lost. She suffered from anxiety, without anyone to truly understand her.

As she grew into a young adult, she slowly realised that she needed to find her purpose. Her true reason for being. With this fire in her belly, she fought with her every fibre and left no stone unturned in search of it.

Finally, as an adult, she has found her Purpose. It grounds her, and it guides her. And true to her purpose, she has become the hero that people look to in their life.

And now that she has found her purpose, she will help others to find theirs.

This work is dedicated to all the frontliners risking their life to protect us during this pandemic. Their unwavering purpose serves as a guiding light for those of us yet to find our own. We salute you.

Puteri Nur Batrisyia, or PB, has loved watching cartoons since she was a child. Her artwork is mostly inspired by the cartoons she watches.


She decided to improve her artistic skills by pursuing a Diploma in Visual Art and Design at University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF).


As a fanart artist on social media, she dreams of being more recognisable through her artwork, so that she may share more happiness through her art worldwide.