by Geraldine Yong

This work depicts the reliability of the sea.

Human beings have always been able to rely on the sea. It provides food, livelihood, protection, and of course, the rain. And when we are ready, it even provides us a way towards distant shores.

We look to the sea for meaning. Not only meaning in the world, but also meaning in ourselves. It moves us, it stills us, it builds us, it breaks us. It cleanses us. 

No matter what, we can always rely on it to be there for us.

But can it rely on us?

Geraldine is fond of whimsical and calming illustrations. She tends towards a cute illustration art style, with soft pastel colours, but occasionally throws in a bit of vibrant colours for some fun.

With most of her artistic explorations being digital, her works begin as doodles and random expressions of thought.

As an emerging artist, she is new to the industry and the art scene, but has been an artist since a very young age. She hopes that her adventure will continue, and that she may have further opportunity to share her art.